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Dr. Christine Brooks

Winner of the Smithsonian Award for innovative use of technology for teaching science


USATF is dedicated to developing expert coaches. Becoming an expert coach is an evolutionary process. Experiences and enhanced knowledge gradually moves a coach toward a higher order of understanding about how the human body adapts to training. A coach with a higher order of understanding is able to think through an athlete's training with great depth of science application and clarity. Advanced Training Theory Concepts provides you with selected principles and practices of training theory to help enhance coaching expertise.


When you have successfully completed this course and the research summation essay you obtain 1 of the requirements for your USATF Level 3 certification.



The USATF Coaching Education Level 3 program is a scientific, knowledge-based education credits. One of the objectives of the Level 3 program is to provide coaches with comprehensive knowledge in a specific event group, including sport science and training theory. The Level 3 program covers "cutting edge" sport science concepts and event-specific knowledge from a scientific perspective. The Level 3 seminars prepare an individual to coach at the national/international level.

Advanced concepts in training theory is open to anyone (that is, prior USATF courses are not required). However, in order to obtain credit toward Level 3 Coach status, a participant must already be a Level 2 Coach. The information for those wishing to be a Level 3 Coach is available on the USATF website.







This course is done under the guidance of Dr. Christine Brooks who is a training theory and physiology specialist and is currently the Level 2 Coaching Education Science Coordinator for USA Track and Field. She teaches a popular Science of Sports Training course for Griffith University, Australia that is available internationally. Her e-lectureBook design is unique and very popular with on-line learning students. She was recognised with the Smithsonian Institute teaching technology Award for her unique on-line teaching approach. The $125 fee includes all materials and the USATF fee for Level 3 credit.


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